Magnet App Reviews

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It’s ok

It’s not as good as most of the reviews make out, that is why I’m am posting here…. to be honest. I like the different ways to size and place windows but the one main problem I have with it is sometimes I want a window to take more than half the screen up, so I resize it and the I have to manually resize every other window so they do not overlap. So I find it better than the native OSX El Capitan split screen but not as good as it could be. TL;DR It’s mostly good but has a few thing that could be made better

App very good

App very good when you dislike the new position create for new mac version. (Maverick the best version !) He just miss option for create position and dimension page with specific hotkey or for organise how “i3” interface. the rest is just perfect

Cheap, functional and simple

This app is great, just works as you expect. On top of that is super cheap. I certainly recommended..

works on yosemite!

I was concerned if it should work on yosemite, because this information was not so clear, in spite of the fact that the description says OS 10.6 “or later”. It works nice. It also has a good cost x benefit. Recommended.

Muito bom, porém … (Great, but…)

Uso Yosemite 10.10.3. Adaptei-me melhor com o uso das teclas de atalho, do que com arrastar as janelas, pois para as diagonais é bem difícil. [ I adapted better with the use of shortcut keys, than drag the windows because the diagonals is very difficult.] Infelizmente, NÃO FUNCIONA COM iBOOKS E ADOBE PERSONAL EDITIONS !!! [Unfortunately, DOES NOT WORK WITH iBooks and ADOBE PERSONAL EDITIONS !!!]

It works very well!

I really use it daily. It is just Great, I can easily organize my windows. The new support for multiple screens ROCKS!

Perfect App!

That’s a great app! It delivers what it promises!

Shortcut Option

Why the shortcut option + ‘w’ don’t works? It isn’t configurable.


O melhor!!!

Essential app!

I use this app all the time, even without noticing! It has become part of my workflow and it’s super easy to use. It’s never crashed and it’s totaly worth the money! Congrats to the developer! :)


I’ve been using Magnet for a couple months now and it’s really useful for organizing your apps in the screen. No more need spending time to put the windows exactly as you want. Just select the window and use a shortcut like “Control+Option+Left” and the window takes the left side of your monitor. Really helpful.

Just awesome!

The title sais it all. Get it! I love it.

very helpfull

Best Mac window manager. thanks! saved me so much time!

Simple and snappy

I’ve been using it since a few years and it works perfectly well. The only functionality missing for me was the center command and now it’s there.

Efficiency booster

I usually don’t write reviews for any app but this app along with QuickSilver are simply the apps i use every 5 mins or so in my intense Mac usage.


This app is perfect, I have been using it for two years now. It has been working flawlessly and makes multitasking so much bettet.


This is the most important app on my mac. Literally I use it 10 to 20x a day. I would not have been able to switch from pc to mac without this time and space saving app. 5 stars isn’t enough.

A Great Help - Extremely Useful

Im glad I found Magnet! For my workflow it is far superior to El Capitans Split View. One thing would make me even happier though: making the windows more "sticky." I work fast, and I quite often accidentally snag a docked window while moving my mouse and it snaps to full screen. Getting it back where it belongs is easy enough, but frustrating after the first few times in a day. Making the "snap" stronger, would be a great help - perhaps even a toggle switch so people can use it or not, according to their preference. That said, even without this enhancement, it gets five stars from me.

Works half of the times!

When I resize a window manually and then try to move it around, it resizes it to the previous snapped size rather than original size. Center snapping doesn’t have a drag-to-edge shortcut, like snap to bottom, and it only aligns the window to the centre, no resizing. .


This is one of those must-have utilities. I can’t use my Mac without it.

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